Apr 01, 2023

Workflows with Ashley Jean

In this episode, Scott speaks with portrait and personal brand photographer, Ashley Jean, about her photographic and photography business workflows.

Ashley Jean is a self-taught traveling professional photographer and public speaker based in the Northern Virginia area. Ashley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Science from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA in 2018. The plan was to begin Doctor of Physical Therapy School the following year, however, her plans changed quickly after she was in high-demand for photography services upon graduating. In 2020, she made the ultimate decision to pursue photography full-time.

Ashley first discovered her passion for photography when her mother gifted her with a camera for Christmas in 2016. Since then, she has been capturing photos of brands, couples, families, events, and more. It brings her absolute delight to experience people’s true personalities and authentic emotions while capturing their photos. Her ultimate dream is to inspire and mentor others on what she’s learned throughout her journey in entrepreneurship and to travel the world, bringing joy to others in the form of photography.

Episode Summary

In this episode, Ashley shares her invaluable knowledge and experience in personal brand photography and social media strategy. One key takeaway is how photography and social media strategy interconnect, and Ashley’s most significant contribution is how she plans and creates social media content for her clients.

Ashley shares some of her workflows that have proven effective over the years, including using tools like Imagen for photo editing. She also talks about virtual whiteboard systems that allow her to collaborate with clients in real time and create mood boards that match their vision.

The importance of having an organized backend cannot be overemphasized in photography. Ashley gives valuable insights into how she structures and organizes her files, using cloud-based systems and personal notes for clients.

Ashley emphasizes the future impact of AI on the photography industry, and she discusses with Scott emerging photographers benefiting greatly from the technology’s ability to help with the culling process and auto-captioning of images.

This episode is packed with valuable insights into personal brand photography, social media strategy, and the emerging roles of AI in photography. Ashley gives an in-depth look at her workflow, her tools and systems for enabling the client’s experience, and her thoughts on the future of the photography industry.

Discussed in this episode

  • Creative Strategy Calls
  • Client Expectations and Mood Boards
  • Time-Saving Editing Techniques for Photographers
  • Organizational Strategies for Enhancing Photography Workflow
  • Exploring the Process of Personal Brand Photography
Show transcription