Jan 01, 2022

The Imagen Origin Story

ImagenAI is an Israeli-born company that uses AI to improve photographers’ workflows. This is our origin story and why we do what we do.

Once upon a time, there was a man getting married.

His name was Yoav.

He and his wife hired Nitzan to photograph their glorious day.

They had a magical wedding.

But for some reason, it was taking over 3 months for the photographs to be delivered.

Yoav, who had a background in artificial intelligence, was naturally curious about Nitzan’s workflows and processes, so they had a conversation.

Yoav decided he wanted to help Nitzan speed up his editing process so he can deliver work faster to his couples.

That is when Yoav and his college friend, Yotam, and Yotam’s childhood friend Ron came together to form Imagen.

The three worked together to build a mystical engine designed to learn Nitzan’s editing style.

That way, when Nitzan photographs another wedding, all the photographs are edited the same way he would edit them – but he can set off to do other important tasks he must do in his photography business.

It turned out that Imagen saved Nitzan over 75% editing time – and the photographs look like he edited each and every one.

This is the photo editing revolution. Say goodbye to presets and hello to your personalized editing profile with Imagen.

Imagen never stops learning your personal editing style. This is the future of photo editing.

Discussed in this episode

  • The Origin Story of Imagen
  • How a Wedding Photography Problem Inspired a Business
  • The Co-Founders’ Journey
  • The Future of Photography: How AI is Transforming the Industry
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