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Community Guidelines

Welcome to The Dark Room community!

This is a forum for novice to expert photographers and AI enthusiasts looking to engage in discussions about photography techniques, AI innovations, industry developments, and shared experiences.

We encourage active participation and contributions, but to maintain a safe and engaging environment, we've established the following guidelines.

We Encourage Members To:

  • Respect everyone's backgrounds, demographics, and perspectives
  • Acknowledge different experiences and opinions
  • Support and assist other community members
  • Share insights, resources, and tips pertinent to the topic
  • Consider others' questions thoughtfully before responding
  • Be as concise as possible

We Don't Allow:

  • Offensive, indecent, or inappropriate posts
  • Any form of discrimination or racism
  • Personal attacks, threats, bullying, or intimidation
  • Deliberate provocation of others
  • Knowingly providing incorrect or misleading information
  • Impersonation or use of false identities
  • Posting of personally identifiable information
  • Unsolicited advertising, self-promotion, or spam
  • Any illegal activity or promotion thereof


Consequences of Misconduct

We enforce these guidelines to maintain a beneficial community. We'll address all misconduct cases and act accordingly, which may involve:

  • Issuing a warning, suspending or revoking member privileges
  • Deleting posts, links, or resources violating these guidelines
  • Deleting the offender's Imagen account for serious infringements
  • Contacting authorities for illegal actions or content

Reporting Misconduct

We monitor forum activity, but members are also encouraged to report any misconduct. Contact us directly without addressing the offender or offence on the forum.

Terms of Use

  • Forum advice should not replace professional services and information.
  • Content shared here does not represent Imagen's opinions or stances.
  • Members should verify the credibility and accuracy of shared information before making decisions.
  • Imagen is not responsible for any harm, injury, or loss resulting from participating in the forum or using its content.
  • We are not obligated to respond to posts or maintain the confidentiality of posted content.
  • Imagen reserves the right to use, reproduce, or display user submissions as per our Privacy Policy.


By joining The Dark Room, you indicate that you understand and agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Contact Us

We welcome feedback and queries. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding the forum, our guidelines, or our Terms of Use.