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Momenticos B&W

ご紹介 Rocio

Rocio lives in Northwest Spain, near the mountains. She was always a black & white, analog film lover but for her, it is not the gear that makes the picture, it is the photographer’s mind, heart and viewpoint. Rocio sees the gear as an extension of her body and soul. A photojournalist approach with an artistic view; using tools such as off-camera flash to add impact and a fine-art touch but continuing to preserve moments-in-time. Rocio is a sought-out educator and teaches photographers to remain eager to learn. She calls herself a “library mouse” because she loves to geek out on new elements of photography that she sees as ever-expanding.

ご紹介 Rocio’s AI プロファイル

A striking & white profile for those who shoot JPEG tuned to dramatize the interplay between light and shadow. This is the starting point for Rocio’s most iconic images. The edit will transform photos into a vivid monochrome and manages punchy blacks and bright whites. The profile does however lean towards the brighter scale especially in the mid-tones but very little detail is lost.

Before and after Momenticos B&W
Before and after Momenticos B&W
Before and after Momenticos B&W
Before and after Momenticos B&W
Bride walking up the stairs by Rocio Vega

“I was really impressed with Imagen when it cut more than half of my editing time. I still check each photo because I like to be very precise with my framing, but it's such a pleasant experience to go through the photos that are at this perfect starting point and I just need to focus on the final details.”

Rocio Vega//

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