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Natural Light Studio

À propos de Linzie

Linzie was born in Iran, grew up in Scotland and has lived in Australia since 2006. When her son was born 14 years ago she became a newborn photographer and hasn’t looked back since. Predominantly a newborn, baby and maternity photographer. Linzie loves to keep fit in the mornings and in the evenings she spends an hour watching a crime series, documentary or movie.

À propos de Linzie’s Profil IA

This AI Profile is ideal for those shooting in natural light studios. The focus for Linzie is on skin tones and keeping them as natural as possible but maintaining a warm distinctive aesthetic overall. The whites are true whites but they don’t come across as cold. Washed-out tones are kept at bay and instead there is a depth to the images through natural highlights and deep shadows. This is a timeless and warm edit for those working with any subject within a natural daylight studio environment.

Before and After Natural Light Studio
Before and After Natural Light Studio
Before and After Natural Light Studio
Before and After Natural Light Studio
A Quote by Linzie Russo

“I am a pretty fast editor but previously I still had to put in lots of time finding the right tones for my images and then matching that to each image. With Imagen I can upload 100 images from my session and within 2 minutes it’s ready. I am blown away every time as to how it has got it so right. I am hooked and I know so many people when they find out about it will also be.”

Linzie Russo//

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